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Criminal Law

General criminal law ranges from traveling without a valid ticket to murder.No matter what the accusation, we stand by our clients at every stage of a criminal proceeding.

General criminal law protects a number of legal interests: life, bodily integrity, wealth and property, personal freedom, and personal reputation. In addition to the Penal Code, many other German laws contain criminal sanctions, including the Weapons Law and the Law on the Protection of Young Persons.

This existence of so many different potential sanctions, among other factors, requires special expertise in criminal defense. Whether the crime is minor or capital, whether the person has a criminal record or is a first-time offender, seeking the assistance of an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible is always the best move. Those who believe themselves innocent are especially likely to quickly become victims of bureaucratic routine. Defendants who act on their own behalf are often ignored. A defense attorney –simultaneously a key actor in the justice system and a zealous advocate exclusively of his client’s interests – provides protection, skeptically questions the state’s accusations, and prevents his clients from being “crushed” by the machinery of justice.

It is always a profound shock for the suspect and those near him to be confronted with interrogations, searches, seizures, and possibly pretrial detention. Being served with a police summons, a search warrant, an arrest warrant, or a summons to appear at trial is never a routine matter – either for the defendant or for a witness. A defense lawyer eases the burden imposed by these situations. We advise and defend with expertise, empathy, and a broad nationwide perspective on police, prosecutors, and courts.

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