Danckert Bärlein Partner

Occupational Oversight Law

Certain professional groups are doubly affected by criminal charges: Even if the outcome of criminal proceedings is positive, lawyers, doctors, tax consultants, auditors and other freelancers are sometimes threatened with repercussions from their supervising professional chamber. Their sanction possibilities in view of professional law violations – which by no means always have to cross the border to criminal liability – range from reprimands to fines to exclusion from the profession.

In the process, professional proceedings are often experienced by those affected as an existential threat. If the own occupation and a whole life’s work are at stake, the concerning must be able to completely rely on its advisor. The counsellor not only needs an in-depth knowledge of the criminal procedural regulations on which the professional proceedings are based, but also an insight into the practice of the respective professions.

For over a decade, Michael Bärlein has evaluated the behaviour of colleagues as a judge on the attorney discipline tribunal in Berlin in countless proceedings. He therefore knows better than almost anyone what is important in defending against professional accusations.

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