Our firm was created by the merger of Knierim Huber Attorneys with the criminal law practice group of the firm Danckert Spiller Richter Bärlein. We have been a team since 1 January 2016. Since 1 July 2022 the firm has been renamed DANCKERT BÄRLEIN & PARTNER Rechtsanwälte GbR.

Together as Individuals

Our office resulted not only from a merger of law firms with diverse traditions but also a melting-pot of distinct personalities. What binds us is the love of this diversity and our shared goals and values as professionals. Respect and concern for individuals motivate us just as much as the will to succeed together. Our firm unites personal histories as individual as those of our clients.

Together as a Service-Oriented Team

Our clients are private individuals and businesses who often seek our advice in critical junctures in their lives and professional careers. They rightly expect to enjoy the undivided attention of their lawyers. We are available to consult in every situation and are available day and night in emergencies. We pledge to meet our clients without prejudgment, no matter what the accusations against them, and to earn their trust. There are no unimportant cases for our firm.

Together Building Competence

Our lawyers are highly qualified and can look back on far more than 100 years’ experience advising clients in criminal law matters. We think of ourselves as a team, and want every client to profit from our combined expertise and experience. We participate not only in academic research and teaching, but also foster social and cultural exchanges as a firm. This approach helps us see beyond the legal dimension of our clients’ problems to perspectives that also address economic and human aspects of the client’s situation.

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